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    When a fierce battle was going on between the army of Rama and Ravana was near his defeat, he remembered his elusive brother Ahiravan, who, as the ultimate devotee of mother Bhavani, accompanied the task of Tantra Mantra The knower was.

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    He put all the army of Lord Rama on sleep on his own heart and abducting Ram and Laxman and took them away from them.

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    After a few hours, when the effects of Maya came down, it was Ahiravan who realized that this work is of Aharawan and he asked Hanumanji to go to Hatham to help him.

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    At the entrance of the Patalas, they found their son Makarvvaj and after defeating him in battle, the host met Shri Ram and Lakshman.

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    There he found five lamps in five directions in five directions, which Ahiravan burned for mother Bhavani. Ahiravan will be killed after hanging out these five lamps together, that is why Hanuman Ji has become a panchmukhi Roop.

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    In the north, the peacock mouth, the Narsingh head in the south, the Garuda mouth in the west, the Haigrave mouth towards the sky.

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    The Hanuman mouth in the east direction by holding on to this form, they extinguished the five lamps and slaughtered the Ahiravana and freed Ram, Lakshman from it.

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    In this context, we also get a second story that when the demon named Merial stole the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu and when Hanuman finds out this, and then he takes the resolution that he will reclaim the cycle and surrender to Lord Vishnu Images.

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    The mriyal demon was well-versed in changing the form of desire; therefore, Lord Vishnu blessed Hanuman ji, as well as the desire of Garuda-Mukta with the power of aerodynamic, Narasimha-Mukher, who created the fear, to acquire the knowledge of the hijriyav was for prosperity.

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    Parvati Ji gave him a lotus flower and Yama-Dharmraj gave him the weapon called Poash. With blessings and blessings of all these Hanuman Ji succeeded in conquering the monkey Since then, this Panchmukti format has also been recognized.