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    Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in a Funchal city in Portugal. Ronaldo's full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, who his father named after 40 U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Ronaldo images Wilson Reagan worked as an actor in films before becoming President, and he was the favorite actor of Ronaldo's father José Dinis Aveiro.

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    Dinis Aveiro used to work as a gardener of the municipal corporation who supervised the park and ground to run his own house. Ronaldo has one elder brother and 2 sisters, in which the brother's name is Hugo and the sister's name is Eima and Lillana. His whole family lived in a very small tin shed roof house.

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    Ronaldo had started playing football since his early age and at the age of 8; he was inducted into the Andorinha Sports Club after seeing his game's Passion. Ronaldo's mother used to call her crybaby in childhood because whenever she could not score well in the match, she used to cry only in the field, and even today her comrades call her with a joke in the same name.

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    The 10-year-old Ronaldo has been included in the city's largest football club Nacional FC. He played for that football club for two years, and then in 1997, at the age of 12, he went to the Sporting Club in Portugal, where the club signed him with £ 1500 in view of his game.

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    The club was in Lisbon, Portugal's capital, and for this reason, Cristiano Ronaldo Images had to leave his entire family and go to Lisbon. He was very unhappy with this, but he took care of himself and practiced, and influenced everyone with his magical game, but at the same time.

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    At the age of 15, he realized that he had a heart problem and the doctor broke him and football When he refused to play, he had two ways at the time or he either left the football or had a very risky surgery.

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    Leaving football for Cristiano Ronaldo wallpapers was no longer easy, so he decided to undergo surgery and luckily the surgery was successful. After a few days of rest, he returned to the ground again and then started to do his passion with new passion, but in the meantime, a very sad turn came in his life because of his father's death at the age of 52.

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    This tragic incident caused Ronaldo to be horrified because Ronaldo's father was his closest friend. He used to share every single thing with them. Because of this incident, Ronaldo has never put alcohol in the hands to date.

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    After the death of Ronaldo's father, the financial condition of his home has worsened, and his mother had to run home after making a meal in the homes of others. Ronaldo, while ignoring all these problems, paid attention to practice and emerged as a good player. He played his first match for Portugal's Sporting Lisbon Club at the age of 17. This match was played between Lisbon Club and United Manchester and in this match; Alex Ferguson saw Ronaldo and immediately signed for United Manchester.

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    The club had paid $ 17 million to win this miraculous player, which was the highest amount paid to any young player in the history of English football. Ronaldo played for Manchester United from August 2003 to May 2009. In which he scored a total of 84 goals in 196 matches.

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    After this, in 2009, Real Madrid Club paid $ 132 million to take them into their team. Real Madrid this contract was until 2015, but then Ronaldo signed a deal worth 1864 crores to play with Real Madrid in 2021. With this deal, he became the world's most expensive footballer.

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    Friends, Cristiano Ronaldo Pics is filling his vault with football earning or just raising his bank balance, he also spends his earning in many social spheres. Once, he also helped Rs 51 lakh for the treatment of a 10-month-old child. Ronaldo also donates blood twice every year so he has not tattooed anywhere on his body.

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    Friends Apart from football, he is also a great basketball player. Today, Ronaldo, living in luxury, lived in a house with a roof-top roof. Where his father used to run his family expenses too hard. At the age of 15, Ronaldo also faced heart problems. Ronaldo wallpapers did not give up even after seeing so much bad day and today emerged as the most favorite star player of football.

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    Listening to the earnings of Cristiano Ronaldo, the sweat of good things. Cristiano Ronaldo earns about 8 crores every 45 hours. Ronaldo is the only player in history to have scored more than 50 goals in each season for 6 consecutive years.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo's full name is Cristiano Ronaldo das Santos Aveyro. More than 100 million people follow Ronaldo's page on Facebook.

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    Ronaldo is the master of high jump in the air. During the game, they jump from the power of 5G (5 times the force of gravity). In other words, he jumps with a 5-fold jump from a leopard.

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    Ronaldo has not made any tattoos on his body. The reason for this is that they donate blood many times a year. In many countries, blood clots are examined by people who have tattooed tattoos, because, during the formation of tattoos, blood-infection related diseases such as hepatitis are at risk of AIDS.

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    His 52-year-old father died due to alcohol-related diseases. That is why Ronaldo does not touch the cigarettes. Ronaldo does not want to do any such thing that he is away from his first love.

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    FIFA Ballon d'Or has received Ronaldo 4 times for the world's top prize of football. Ronaldo is the only player to receive European Golden Shoe awards 4 times.

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    Listening to the earnings of Cristiano Ronaldo, the good things can be sweat. Cristiano Ronaldo earns about 8 crores every 45 hours.

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    Ronaldo's free kick is 130 km / h, meaning 31 meters in 1 second This speed is more than 4 times the launch of the Apollo 11 rocket.

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    Fat is only 10% in the body of Cristiano Ronaldo of the well-ordered body. The cat walking ramp on the normal model also has 13.8% fat in the body.

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    Ronaldo was diagnosed with a heart disease when he was 15 years old. According to doctors, this disease could end their sports career. But he was treated and after the laser surgery, he was completely cured.

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    Ronaldo won his 2011 Golden Boot Award Amelia on November 11- 2012. He donated 1.5 million euros in the auction to build children's school in Gaza.

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    - In the teenage years, Cristiano Ronaldo played with weight while working football. He believed that his technique would be better with this technique because his speed would increase even after lifting.

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    During his weight training sessions, Ronaldo weighs a total of 23,055 kg. So much weight is equal to the weight of about 16 Toyota Prius car. In one season of football, Ronaldo ran 900 times more than any Olympic Spinner.

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    Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in the city of Madeira in Portugal. His father was the fan of American President Ronald Reagan, hence Ronaldo's name was named after him. Ronaldo's father used to work as a gardener in a municipality and his mother was a cook. Ronaldo is the youngest of 4 siblings; he has a big brother and two sisters.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo weighs 80 kg and length is 6 feet 1 inch. Cristiano Ronaldo's son is Christia Ronaldo Jr.

Ronaldo once said about himself, that I give credit to my friend Albert Fonturo for my success. We both played from the same club in childhood. When we reached the club, then the club told us that the more goals we make, we will take it to our academy. We won that match 3-0 and did the first goal, then Albert did the second goal. For the third goal, Albert could go out of the side of the goalkeeper easily, and there was no one in front of him, but he gave me close and I scored that goal.

And I got a place in the academy. And afterward I asked him to do the Q, so he said that you are better than me. Albert told this to the media himself later. And now Albert has a bungalow, car and a luxurious family, and all this is just Christina Ronaldo's gift. and Christina Ronaldo HD Wallpapers.