Lord Vishnu Aarti, Lord Vishnu Aarti In English


Lord Vishnu aarti in english,

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Lord Vishnu created this world. Lord Vishnu took birth many times on this earth to protect this world. These are our parents. We should worship Lord Vishnu every day with the soul. Lord Vishnu actively conducts our life and saves us. In the life of the people, Lord Vishnu aarti becomes the grace of God. Their life is simple and lucky.Lord Vishnu's arti is very sweet. After bathing every morning, we should do aarti. By doing aarti, our life gets progress and self respect.

Om jai Jagdish hare, Swami jai Jagdish hare,
Bhakt jano ke sankat Dass jano ke sankat, Kshan mein door kare,
Om jai Jagdish hare.

Jo dhyave phal pave, Dukh bin se mun ka, Swami dukh bin se mun ka
Sukh sampati ghar aave, Kasht mite tun ka,
Om jai Jagdish hare.

Maat pita tum mere, Sharan gahu mein kiski, Swami sharan gaho kiski
Tum bin aur na dooja, Aas karun mein jiski,
Om jai Jagdish hare

Tum puran Parmatma,Tum Antaryami, Swami tum Antaryami
Par Braham Parmeshwar, Tum sabke swami,
Om jai Jagdish hare

Tum karuna ke sagar, Tum palan karta, Swami tum palan karta
Mein sevak tum swami, Kripa karo Bharta,
Om jai Jagdish hare

Tum ho ek agochar, Sab ke pranpati,Swami sab ke pranpati
Kis vidh milun Dyamaye, Tum ko main kumti,
Om jai Jagdish hare

Deen bandhu dukh harta, Tum rakshak mere,
Apne haath uthao, Dwar pada tere,
Om jai Jagdish hare

Vishay vikar mitao, Paap haro Deva,
Shradha bhakti badao, Shradha prem badao, Santan ki seva,
Om jai Jagdish hare

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