Once Yamraj questioned his messengers - do you even have compassion for someone while you are alive? The eunuch said in frustration- No, Maharaj! We obey your commands. What is the purpose of compassion?

Yamraj thought that maybe he is saying this kind of hesitation. So they fearlessly said - Do not hesitate. If ever you have a mind, then say fearlessly. Then the eunuchs said frightened - really! A similar incident had occurred to the chef, when our heart was shaking.

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    What happened in such a situation? -Usuktavash Yama Raj asked. The messengers said - Maharaj! The King of Hans went for hunting one day. He strayed away from his companions in the jungle and went to the border of another state. Again? King Hema from there felicitated King Hans.

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    On that day, the wife of King Hema gave birth to a son. Astrologers calculated the constellation and said that this child would die after four days of marriage. By the order of the king, that child was placed as a Brahmachari in a cave on the banks of Yamuna. Until then, the shadow of women was not allowed to reach.

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    But the law of the law is staunch. Time kept on passing by. Incidentally, the young daughter of King Hans went out on the banks of the Yamuna and she married Gandharva from that celibate boy. The fourth day came and Rajkunwar died. Our heart was shaken by the tears of that nepotism.

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    We have never seen such a beautiful couple. They were not less than Cupid and Rati. Even our tears were not stopped while we were conversing with that young man. Yamraj said and said, "What can be done?" We had to do such unpleasant work to limit the legislation.

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    King! One of the angels asked- Is there no way to avoid accidental death? Yama Raja, while explaining the remedial measures to prevent premature death, said that due to devotion of Dhanteras, worshiping Dhanteras and getting the lamp is redeemed from premature death. The house where it is worshiped, the fear of premature death does not even come near.

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    From this incident, the practice of lamp-lit tradition, including Dhanvantri Puja, started on the day of Dhanteras.

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    It is believed on this day peoples buy gold, silver made things for the happiness in their life and in their families. Peoples worship lord Kuber for prosperity.

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